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Individual & Small Group Protests

No need to go to DC. Meeting your representatives at their local offices can be more effective. You can:

  • Send a tweet, email or letter, or make a call to your representative with your demands
  • Get together with friends and visit your politicians’ offices, and/or attend politician’s town halls or/and public events.

If we ALL do this, politicians will realize it is in their best interest to do what they were elected to do, rather than sit back as Trump destroys our country.

While we need to pressure ALL politicians , including local politicians, to join us in #DefendingDemocracy., let’s begin with the Members of Congress and the Governor.

Current Demands

  • Begin the Impeachment Process
  • Do whatever is necessary to #FreeRealityWinner from prison and overturn her conviction.*

Getting Started:

  1. Join or form a Local Protest Group or decide to go “Go It Alone”
  2. Obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers, tweeter addresses of the governor and the Members of Congress who represent you
  3. Review the tactics
  4. Review the issues and demands that have already been submitted and let us know what you think

Forming a Group or “Going It Alone”:

  1. Determine the type of group you want. If you “enjoy” getting together with your group, it is likely you will meet more frequently & accomplish more.
    • is the group to be limited to your friends and your family members?
    • is it to be an open group that others will be allowed to join?
    • Alternatively, you can “Go It Alone” and join in select activities of other groups
  2. Use Defend Democracy as the Group Name, so others can “find” your group
  3. Search the Indivisible website, and the Meetup website to determine if a Defend Democracy group already exists in your area.
  4. Register your group in the “Movements” section of and

Obtain Information About The Politicians Representing You

  1. Initially, begin by voicing your protests to your two US Senators, your one US Representative and your Governor. Later you can decide if you wish to expand your activities to include state and local politicians
  2. Find their contact information including their phone numbers, addresses, email and tweeter addresses. The following links contain useful information.

The Tactics

Prior to contacting your politicians, be clear on your issue, know what your seeking to accomplish from the interaction, have your questions thought out well in advance, and record or video tape the event.

There are six advocacy tactics that can be effective even if undertaken by a small group. They are listed in order of the ease of implementation;

  • Tweets. If you are on tweeter, copy your Members of Congress and Governor on your tweets. While most tweets are ignored, the subjects are monitored. If there is an avalanche of tweets on the same subject, they will be noticed. So it doesn’t hurt to copy the politicians. And it only takes a few seconds.
  • Emails or Comment Contact Forms. Most politicians websites have a place for you to leave comments. The comments are typically scanned by staff and major topics brought to the attention of the politician
  • Phone Calls. If the politicians receives a huge number of phone calls about the same subject, the politician will take notice. And like tweeting, making calls doesn’t take much time.
  • Letters. The protocol had been, if a politician receives a letter, the politician would respond by letter. This requires the politician to focus on the issue.
  • Office visits. Visit the office and demand a meeting, ask if you can record it, and report the outcome on social media or on to the main street and local media.
  • Town halls. Politicians pitch town hall meeting as the vehicle to hear the desires of their constituents. Have your questions prepared in advance.
  • Public events. Follow the politician to their local public events such as ribbon cuttings. The media frequently attends these events. Confronting the politician at these events can bring media attention to your issue. Don’t be shy about calling out questions to the politician.

Other Demands

  1. Congress must sanction Trump for:
    • attacking the “Free Press”, endangering reporters
    • preventing the IRS from releasing his tax returns
    • for telling his subordinates to break the law
    • ignoring subpoenas
  2. Barr must release of the entire Mueller report to Congress
  3. Congress must investigate and sanction both Trump and William Barr, the AG, for:
    • using the Justice Department as Trump’s personal attorney
    • using the Judiciary Department to attack Trump’s political opponents
  4. Barr must resign or be fired
  5. All governors must do whatever is necessary to assure “free and fair elections” take place in the State including:
    • #HandMarkedPaperBallots in all elections.
    • No Gerrymandering
    • Adequate voting locations in ALL voting districts
    • Polls are open at hours that are convenient for voters
    • Declaring a State Holiday on election day