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Beauty of Boycotts

Nationwide General Boycott Is Underway

Boycotts are an extremely effective tool for change. especially when the power resides with the oppressors. Gandhi used it to free India of Britain’s imperil rule. And it was used by the civil rights movement in the USA. In February 2019, we saw the effectiveness of a work slowdown. The airports began closing because TSA workers were not being paid. Next day, Trump ended the government shutdown.

We have immense power. Consumer spending makes up 70% of the USA “Gross Domestic Spending”. If we hold-back from purchasing non-essential items, Corporate America will freak out like it did in 2/19. When companies realize we aren’t going to start spending again, until Trump and the GOP are gone, they will stop making their huge contributions to the Trump and GOP political campaigns. They may even start speaking up against Trump’s attacks on democracy.

And the great thing about a Nationwide General Boycott:

  1. It’s simple. Everyone can participate
  2. No complicated rules. . You just stop spending money except on food and other essentials.
  3. It has minimal effect on workers. Stores still have to remain open to service the Trump supporters, who are not boycotting
  4. Boycotts grow over time. As people learn about the boycott, they will join in.
  5. It has limited adverse effect on the majority of workers

Participate. The Nationwide General Boycott can save democracy.